Puean Ta-lay

Seafood lovers should not miss to check out seafood delicious menus and Southern style menus at Puen Talay seafood restaurant in Maung Thong Thani. You can fully enjoy a full range of fresh seafood selection with special offer for IMPACT Event Calendar application users, get a free bottle of drink (non-alcohol) at Puan Talay seafood restaurant from July - December 2019.



Jeans and clothes for women and men.


Botanic Service Room

Simply Service Room offers modern air-conditioned rooms with garden view and free Wi-Fi. .A 15-minute drive from Central Changwattana Department Store


Ban Chomnard Herbs & Spa

บ้านชมนาดสปา คือ ผู้นำด้าน Day Spa ที่มีสาขามากที่สุดของประเทศไทย โดยเน้นความเป็นไทยทั้งผลิตภัณฑ์


Event What’s On

  • Cosmo Bazaar
  • Double Lake Condominium
  • Superior Condominium

Muang Thong Thani

“Muang Thong Thani City of Life” brims with recreational facilities that are fully integrated with destinations attractions along with the genesis of the dinning landmark, making the Muang Thong Thani City most admired destination for any occasion.

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