Shabu De Bear


Another highly recommended restaurant famous for shabu-shabu broth is Shabu de Bear where you can enjoy all-you-can-eat shabu-shabu and sushi buffet with five choices of flavorful broth to choose from. If you like spicy food, try rich and creamy Tom Tum Kung broth. If you feel like having something milder, try Sukiyaki broth that has a proper sweet taste, or Wakame Seaweed broth which is slightly salty, yet mellow. The signature Shabu De Bear broth which is mellow and fragrant with sesame seeds is also a must try. There is also the Mala broth, which is hot, spicy, and full-flavored with Sichuan chili. Customers can enjoy two varieties of broth in one pot.

The secret of the intense, delicious taste begins with the selection of raw materials. Throughout the process of creating a variety of menus, special attention is given to choosing quality raw material sources. Must-order items for meat lovers are the Wagyu Katarasu beef (which is served with the concept that "the meat is as big as the face"), sliced Wagyu beef, Black Angus beef, and Brisket US beef, as well as special pork dishes such as Kurobuta, black bacon, tender pork, and minced pork with cheese that you won’t stop enjoying. There are also premium sushi and roll menus on parade at the Sushi Buffet such as salmon sashimi, aburi (burned) river prawn sushi, Hotate sushi that comes with luscious scallops, unagi (freshwater ell) roll, foie gras roll, and ikura (salmon roe) onigiri. The restaurant also serves burned Wagyu beef sushi that smells really good and you won’t get enough of it. The restaurant offers four varieties of dipping sauce. If you like your food a little spicy, suki dipping sauce and seafood dipping sauce would be perfect. If you like milder dipping sauce, we recommend ponzu sipping sauce and sesame dipping sauce. There are two options for the price – 599 baht and 799 baht (net price). The price also includes drinks and ice cream. If you are craving shabu-shabu, look no further than Shabu de Bear.

Address and Location:

2nd Floor, BEEHIVE Lifestyle Mall

Opening hours daily from 10:00-22:00 hrs.

Shabu De Bear - Beehive เมืองทองธานี


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